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Dail Eireann Experiments in RSS


Just popped over to oireachtas.ie to see if anything postable will take place in the hallowed halls of Leinster house. It turns out that the e-governance unit is rolling out an RSS feed of the weekly agenda and it seems likely to be extended to certain other areas.
Check out the page here.

The webmaster is looking for input on what exactly users would like to see on RSS. Outside of the Agenda, i reckon Leaders Qs would be handy, condensed as it needs to be but handy nonetheless.

This sort of thing is very handy, e-government in principle makes much more of the machinery accessible to citizens. Its amazing that on something so 'trivial' we can be quite successful at rolling out e-governmnet yet inept, as Vincent Browne pointed out yesterday, at spending public money on services.


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  1. Blogger Simon | 12:02 a.m. |  

    ya sounds a good idea. all we need now is RTE parliment and RTE news 24. I mean it could be done quiet cheaply. They could do for instance. Outside the main hours (1 6 9 11) just do a euronews kind of thing and just rerun the news ever 30 minutes

  2. Blogger Cian | 12:07 a.m. |  

    I agree that an RTE parliament based on the BBc idea would be excellent. I dont care if people whinge, the reason we pay a license fee is not to fill a screen with tits like...well all of them. Bar Ray D'Arcy hes lovely.
    Seriously though, in the age of e-government only handing out press releases of what the dail says is nonsense. live televising of the dail is what s needed, having been in there recently enough the standard would be greatly improved if they felt they were on the box. In my own wishful head.
    Outside the main hours (1 6 9 11) just do a euronews kind of thing and just rerun the news ever 30 minutes
    Sky do that just with people paid to pretend it all happened five minutes ago. In fact all "24-Hour" news jobs do.
    Maybe there is a campaign in this?

  3. Blogger EWI | 11:32 a.m. |  

    Have you seen C-SPAN, in the US? You might remember when they televised the Bush-Kerry debates last year. Definitely the way to go. (I believe that a number of cable networks in the US fund it)

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