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What Can Bloggers Do?

Damien has responded to my own post at irishelection.com, I like the idea of getting Damien Blake to number one on Google for Fianna Fail, we ought try that. Or the Disillusioned Lefties to number one for the Progressive Democrats. He also has some great ideas for what we can do, and I'll be honest I am only now beginning to realise that bloggers can, and most likely will, have some impact on the next election (although quantifying the impact is not really possible at this stage).

Here are some of my own ideas and I would like others to weigh in here, what if anything, can the actions we prosecute here achieve? Personally I see two levels at which Irish blogging should operate, transparent journalism-reportage of bias and with a point of view. We have opinions and we believe in certain things, our strength is wearing this on our sleeves. We can autocritique reporting because we know things. Blogs are tool for transparency which anyone can use. And the fact-checking element of blogs is something key. I think we are hampered here by two things;

1) There is a great deal of recent data online relating to Irish politics and affairs, but a dearth exists on historical material (unlike the US for example). This hampers some attempts at information gathering.

2) Second is broadband rollout, this affects consumption and participation with blogs and we ought recall what Richard Delevan told us on Saturday-broadband corrodes everything it touches. It can mobilise that critical mass required to garner momentum and strip away the sclerosis of old politics, making both old and new mobile and responsive.

There is a lot of interest (on my end and on the part of politicians) in live blogging. Following them around for a day may not seem all that fun but liveblogging the day brings to light what is truly being said on the doorstep and as Damien points out, we get to assess the time-poverty of politicians. I think it offers huge scope for all of our bloggers in all parts of the country.

What use can organised parties make of this? Is there a Howard Dein out their waiting to mobilise an entire party behind one or other cause? I dont doubt there is a few. Its more than intention though, he has to have luck and timing. The best response in this country has clearly been from Labour (close call with the Greens also good) though that could all change if the other parties got their act together. None have truly gotten on the bandwagon full-time. PDs are badly advised to consider this a waste of time, unless they are deliberately fostering that image of aloofness from the heaving masses body politik.

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