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Rough ol' Town


I'm a Tralee man myself. Don't know the poor fella who got stabbed but I know the area. I have to say though that I have been travelling back and forth from Dublin to Tralee for nearly three years now thanks to UCD's fabulous Arts programme and I have felt that this place is increasingly dangerous while I haven't felt threatened in the city in ages.

It's hardly just this stretch of countryside that is feeling rougher?

Surely other country towns are becoming typified by violence. Tralee was the first town to have opening hours curtailed by the courts thanks to late-night violence. I have no idea why its happening and as time goes on I have become more distant from the place but nights out here get rougher and news stories get worse.

I am sure a long pontificating post on rural social psychology beckons but I am simply confused by the rapidly changing complexion of my (and presumably others) town as the economy continues to grow. The aggression seems to have turned much nastier. Or am I just getting older?

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