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hello to one and all, this is the first echoing call through cyberspace attempting to find progressive thinkers with an interest in irish politics. I shall be your host, im fed up and thats a warning. I have grown tired of living in a country seemingly obsessed with personality where issues are the domain of a small media and political elite and the rest of us are practially colonies of the D4 set. Not to disrespect the D4 set some are very progressive but its a big place.
This blog is an attempt to offer comment and analysis of irish events from a perspective that is different to the staid media renditions. i am trying to inject some new ideas and offer a space for new discussion. The Times, The Indo, The Examiner on and on none of them speak for me. The left hold the secod largest block of seats in Dail Eireann yet still we function like roaming tribes. we must unite and come to some agreement on policy and direction. i want to help, read...think...critique...interact. lets retake irish democracy and renew what made us great.
I am Red Rover and we are open to contributions.

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