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Only Students get better holidays


The dail recess is on its way. On june 30 the curtain will come down on this term, a wonderful success for government and a bit of nagging from opposition benches harping on about hte work the government still have to do etc etc.
They will not return until 27 SEPTEMBER!!! Only students have better holidays, and they work through them.
I for one am glad to know that all the problems highlighted in the Gardai in recent times has been ironed out with sufficient and suitable legislation
I am glad to know that our helath service can cope with the demand for service without recourses to trollies or other forms of chair.
I am delighted to feel that the gridlock in our country has been sufficiently alleviated to allow for a break for our hard worked minister.
Luckily for us enought child places are available to tide us over till the Government gets back.
I could go on but i think ive made my point. Sure a politician has a thankless job but its well paid and i am pretty sure there is a lot left to do.
Dont forget your suncream.

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