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A positive move


The granting of observer Status to palestine at NATO is without a doubt a postive move, while it grants some genuine legitimacy to the palestinians and their campaign for a state. it seems unlikely that many major moves will be made multilaterally toward palestinian statehood, but in the week when the EU saw some savage blows to its hopes of becoming a major international political actor NATO has grasped some initiative toward an inclusive conclusion.
it is possible NATO believes it is better to have them all in the tent rather than pissing on it from outside but one cannot deny the legitimacy, explicit or implicit, contained in the move.
isreal is not happy as this jump the gun on their lazy unilateral timetable for withdrawl from Gaza. Palestinians never lacked the ability to publicise themselves but Abbas seems to be making waves with his understated attempts to create a palestinian consensus among Fatah and Hamas. his moves which are necessary for palestinian unity and solidarity are forwned upon by isreal as encouraging terror infrastructure. the move by NATO has been interpreted as a carrot or reward for the PLO. this suggests some members of the international community are playing the long game and keeping a close eye on isreali atitudes as well as plo responsibilities.
this is not a groudbreaking moment in the struggle for peace in the middle east but at last some reward for palestine from a body other than isreal should help to reassure the PLO it is on the right track. if they can gain access to leaders who will support them then the solution to the two state problem may be forthcoming quicker.
Red Rover

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