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We're at you not With you


Just watched TB there at the Elysee Palace this morning again talking Development with a bevvy of French Privateers present. It am struck by just how much this is a case of were talking at Africa rather than with it. The only presence of African origin present was Kofi, and he is perhaps more international than African. There are no African Voices wheeled out to support the G8 solutions nor to contribute ot the debate, outside of Ken Wiwa in the Guardian/Observer and he is usually opposed to many of these measures.
It is another case of colonial intervention and the West Knows Best. There must come a time when we just allow the continent to take charge of itself and try to deal with them as equals, to do this we ould need to hand over control of vast resource plots and that is unlikely. Blair's mission is a complex third way between corporate interests and whats best for Africa. right now he is probably pleasing nobody. Like Live8 there is a lot of criticism for the lack of Black voices.
Red Rover

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