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Unite Against Terror


I encourage those of you who regularly read the blog to check in and sign the statement of opposition at Unite Against Terror. I have been trying recently to come to grips with the over and back arguments regarding the state of the world and the dominance of global terror and i am forced to agree with the statement;

"We offer our support and solidarity to all those within the Muslim faith who work in opposition to the terrorists and who seek to win young people away from extremism and nihilism, towards an engagement with democratic politics.

We believe that democracy and human rights are worth defending with all our strength. The human values of respect and tolerance and dignity are not 'western' but universal.

We are not afraid. But we are not vengeful. We believe the kindness of strangers has lit the way and this light will drive away the darkness. We want to join light to light to show that evil, injustice and oppression will not have the final word. Through these acts of human solidarity we will mend the world the terrorists have fractured."

Though unlikely to develop the momentum of MPH taking a stand and calling for freedom is the first step in confronting terrorism. We must stand tall for the liberty of all societies. As Harry notes from one of the why I signed statements,

"There can be no freedom for Muslim peoples without the defeat of the Islamofascists and everything they stand for; and there can be no defeat of the Islamofascists without liberty for all Muslim peoples." Marko Attila Hoare (Faculty of History, University of Cambridge)

We can and must all stand tall against those who would enslave us. We have no kindred dreams with those who would kill Muslim and Christian alike in pursuit of fundamentalism. The power in all societies is the power to overcome extreme views. We must encourage our governments as well as our citizens to respond in a manner which opens up the whole of the world to freedom of thought and expression backed up by security for the masses against fundamentalist agression.

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