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Drawing the Lines after German Election


While those crazy germans allow the dust to settle on the wonders of PR in forcing strange bedfellows into power, it interesting to note that the some others in the EU are pinning their loyalties in public, from EU Observer;
The leftists of Spain, Sweden and the Czech Republic have all backed Schroeder, congratulating him on a job well done in turning a whopping deficit into a three seat difference in parliament.
On the other hand, and perhaps most interestingly, Nikolas Sarkozy has taken the gamble of congratulating Angela Merkel in a private letter. That is a tricky enough gamble by the 'French President in Waiting, Young-pretender etc etc'. If Schroeder succeeds in cobbling together a coalition then Sarkozy must hope he doesnt hold grudges. From looking at the international arena this is the sort of puerile nonsense that actually causes rifts on the international stage, and we all thought they went on about GDP, Trade and all sorts.

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