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Added Content


As you cannot miss, i just added cartoons from bigsniff to the sidebar to keep one and all entertained. If they are too big however, they have to go. So if your experiencing trouble loading the site, let me know and ill sort it out. If you like the toons, click on the bigsniff by clicking the decapitated head. Mmm.

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  1. Blogger frankp | 1:36 p.m. |  

    Thanks Red Rover! Much appreciated. Of course we're actually called BifSniff. Not BigSniff, but we always knew that name would be troublesome :P

    I hope the toons don't turn out to be too big for you, but either way we appreciate the link!

    Hope your readers enjoy the strangeness that is BifSniff!

  2. Blogger Cian | 9:51 p.m. |  

    Yoink,point taken, consider the whole debacle remedied.
    Just doing some reading over the whole cartoons, and they are just wonderful. So far ive had no comment on their size so i reckon you guys are a ok.

  3. Blogger frankp | 3:15 a.m. |  

    heh heh heh... thanks Red Rover, really appreciate the link and the feedback.

    In the spirit of the society of mutual admiration, I would like to compliment you on the great blog you have here!

    I despair about this country sometimes. This world in fact. Sometimes being when I think about it... :(

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