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Mary Robinson Speaks Out


This from first the Post yesterday, Mary Robinson was speaking on HBO talk show Real Time with Bill Maher. One would be unsurprised to learn she isn't a big fan of Guantanamo Bay and the current U.S. stance toward the Human Rights of those imprisoned there. I have tried to track down clips but to no avail. Here comments come at a pretty tough time for the White House with talk of the possibility of losing one or both houses next year to the Democrats.

Some of her comments are below most are lifted from the Post piece, at the end are the few blogs that commented on it. Unsurprisingly the U.S. isn't shaken to its core when an ex-Irish President although one of the highest international calibre, speaks out against Bush's policies. However it all adds up if there is a snowball effect, which just may be taking place, or about to.

Robinson described the debasing of international human rights as "awful" and "shocking".

Robinson blamed the White House for the "dip" in US standards on human rights.
"As someone who is seeing this from a world perspective, the US used to be a champion of human rights. America has dipped its standards. It's awful," she said.

"As a human-rights person I would say the US gave great leadership. I want the US to give that leadership again.

"And it has a lot to do."

" In human rights communities, we're cringing at what America is doing. We are cringing at the torture."

In any manthat'sguage ththoughtetty tought stuff, a former diplomat, UNHCHR, knows strong language when they use it. The words should give us all pause for thought again and remember why this War on Terror is deemed necessary. The protection of our society and all we stand for. Including Human Rights. Robinson's intervention is damning for Bush and his White House.

The problem is that only those abroad and in New York will be interested in hearing her words and knowing their weight. Outside of a few blogs here and there (scroll down a bit), the response has been muteddoesn'tnson doesnt have the profile in the U.S. to cause an uproar. Yet any admirers of her priknowledged knoweldge cant help but be worried by her own concern. She should know, quite honestly, if Gitmo is a travesty.

This intervention wreinforcey reenforce the divide that exists between most non-Americans and the U.S. government and supporters. Its not the cross-divide intervention it could be as not many know her. Still its a strong contribution.

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