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Hiatus (And some anti-terror news)


For a week of two, absolutely no time on my hands at the moment so il try to get back up and running as soon as possible.

Before I go i would encourage you all to read the disturbing abuse of legislation over in the UK, apparantly the team behind the "road to Guantanamo" movie showing at the Berlin film festival.
Craig Murray broke the news here, while Blairwatch and Talk politics follow up here. Lastly The Lip fills in the gaps (required reading).

Im sure this bodes very well for the enforcement of the "Glorifying Terror" clause to the recent anti-terror bill.

Under the threat of “prolonging” my detention, I cooperated in allowing her to go through my wallet. She took detailed notes on all its contents. All of my bankcard details were noted down, as were the details on other people’s business cards I had in my wallet. I was searched for objects that I might use to “hurt” the officers. However this took place about halfway through the interview after I had been with the interviewer alone for some time.

While searching through my wallet she asked me whether I intended to do more documentary films, specifically more political ones like The Road to Guantanamo. She asked “Did you become an actor mainly to do films like this, you know, to publicise the struggles of Muslims?”.

She also asked me what my political views were, what I thought about “the Iraq war and everything else that was going on”, whether the Iraq war was “right” in my view.

She then asked me whether I would mind officers contacting me regularly in the future, “in case, for example, you might be in a café, and you overhear someone discussing illegal activities”.

Disturbing stuff, and a further nail in the coffin of a popular-supported war on terror. And it seems that the right-now airing of Obornes documentary (C4 Dispatches) on the spinning of terror is likely to generate further opposition for this prosecution of a "war on terrorism".

I understand that the initiative of glorifying terror is commendable but is it really enforceable in a real world devoid of the double speak and double thinking that dominates the pr-led governments in our (post)modern democratic societies.

Anyway, i gotta dash but il try to get back soon, also good luck and well done to all finalists in the blog awards.
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