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Who are We Meme?


Goodness me the whole meme thing is all over the place. Soon we will have blogs dedicated to filling endless memes, then we truly can ascend to the status of the mass media.
I was tagged by Saint so...
Onward and upward on a march through the politics of Rover
Gender: Male
Nationality: Irish
Country of Residence: Ireland
Orientation: Straight
Disability? No

How would you describe your political philosophy? A mix and match of progressive and liberal values.

Level of Education: Student at the mo, so Leaving Cert.

If you were to vote along party lines, which would you choose (Ireland)?
labour, green, ind depends on the quality of candidate really.

If you were to vote along party lines, which would you choose (UK)?
The stark raving loony party, or else Labour/Lib Dem depending on the contituency.

If you were to vote along party lines, which would you choose (USA)?

Where do you stand on the EU? I think that it can be of valuable service to maintaining peace and cooperation throughout Europe. It needs to reform its vision of itself and also set about clarifying the powers, divisions and responsibilities of the institutions to the people. Can do a lot of good, just get over the whole trying to be a state thing.

Did you support the invasion of Afghanistan? At the time, yeah.

Did you support the invasion of Iraq? It perplexed me. Why go in when Afghanistan was still teeming with problems? I support the principle of removing dictators.

Do you continue to support either or both of those conflicts? Yes and no, Afghanistan needs some attention desperately. Its not up to scratch at all at the moment. Iraq was a mess, badly conceived, badly planned, badly executed. If it needed to be done, then it should have been done properly.

What do you believe is the single biggest issue facing Irish politics?
Widening divisions over social provision, highlighted in conflicts over Health, tolling, Education... the amount of "two-tier" systems in operation in the place seems to grow daily.

What do you believe is the single biggest issue facing European politics?
Relevance, taking an up until now successful European project and reforming it to address the 21st century Europe. It should look at its capacity to represent groups as well as people and its capacity to enahance the democracies at local level, promoting general wealth across borders.

What do you believe is the single biggest issue facing international politics?
Getting people talking in any maningful fashion.

Are you, have you ever been, and do you ever wish to be involved in politics in a party political manner? Im not, I havent, Well have to see.

Who would you have voted for in the past US Presidential Election?
Kerry. Barely.

For whom the meme tolls: Suzy, Gerry, Freestater

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