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Worst Drink in a Can


For me, right now it has to be this can of Guinness that i am drinking. It is absolutely rotten. Like all cans of Guinness I consume, I wonder why the hell I bought it. In my defence i have since stopped and this is the one from the back of the fridge.

It got me thinking though, others love cans of Guinness-so what is your worst drink in a can (alco or non)?

I know if i want a nice can of Guinness, the Murphy's can fits the bill in an odd quirk of irony.
Guinness cans-muck. With a widget.

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  1. Anonymous Phil | 8:04 a.m. |  

    I would have to say that I think most alcoholic drinks contained in cans taste pretty rotten. Bottles all the way. Specifics may follow...

  2. Blogger Kevin Breathnach | 8:51 p.m. |  

    Bottles are the way to go. Unless it's wine. Canned wine is ghetto.

  3. Blogger Cian | 9:18 p.m. |  

    I cant get this image of a very old Kevin sipping cans of fortified wine.
    Oh the merryment that would be had
    ; )

  4. Anonymous morgan | 7:25 a.m. |  

    Worst drink in a can? Irn-Bru. It must rot the can if it's not drunk by the "use before" date.

    Wine is at its worst in a cardboard box...

  5. Blogger Cian | 9:44 a.m. |  

    Wine is at its worst in a cardboard box...
    aaah wallys hut.... what utter plonk

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