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Pope Intervenes (again) In Gay Marriage


Interestingly coinciding with my reading of Richard's post on Ruth Kelly Opud Dei and fitness for office, the Pope has announced it's the duty of Christians everywhere to oppose moves towards the recognition of homosexual marriage.

I think this wholly contravenes ideas of an open society in many ways. Homosexuality cannot be defined out of existence because the state refuses to recognise it. What the church chooses to do is neither here nor there. If the state is indeed the preserver of freedom and security then it must open up public space for the recognition of an event which occurs in private, the happy loving marriage-like existence of homosexual couples.

While marriage as church recognition of relationship is entirely within the papal prerogative, I see no scope for a society that supports freedom of conscience to deny the freedom of two people to engage in an open and loving relationship. Like most things, sweeping reality under the carpet serves not to diffuse any issues over difference but to take them indoors and let them go unrealised.

This chestnut crops up regularly out in the Irish Blogosphere, I wont go on at length but you can read more, on both sides.

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