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Dirty Politics?


Over at the home of freedom and democracy, there is a veritable force 5 hurricane zooming toward the office of Dick Cheney. It seems the whole American political chatterati, bloggers news heads et al have gone ape on the potential that a member of Bush Administration may get indicted.
This thing looks set to get only bigger as time goes on. Im sure all you guys have your favourite american blogs and are keeping well up to date with the growing intrigue.
I just want to actually draw attention to the dirty tricks infesting the whole process, look at the following videos from C&L taken from Bill Mahers show on HBO.
Criminalisation and politics - wmp
also check out the
"They shouldnt be nice to Fitz" clip - QT from thinkprogress.org

Of course the whole thing is drenched in the usual partisan politics so prevalant at this stage in the U.S. system at the moment. Its greata viewing but as usual, the debate over politics as entertainment raises its very real and very serious head. Its one way of conducting your politics, but is it the best?
Some blogs have pursued a great deal of factual posting and done their best to build a great deal of momentum behind their case, credit where its due that is hard work. Is it seriously worthwile talking impeachement? Not sure. Still they shall try.
And be countered by the likes of Bill Kristol, not that one. Seen here on the Daily Show absolutely unable to stand behind anything the conservatives have attempted in office. Take a look its excellent, again as entertainment.
Im very confused by the whole debate. Is there fair game in making politics into an entertainment product built out of two extremely partisan groupings? Is it the best way to engage voters? Does it suitably succeedd in running a society?
Im unsure, yet the alternative dry, dense and exclusive politics is surely not the winner either. Its a dilly of a pickle ned.

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