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O-Reilly on Daily Show


So i finally weaned myself out of the ass-groove on the sofa and decided to respond to the sight of O Reilly re-entering Earth for the entire time it takes to promote his new book (for kids, dont you know) before leaving for Planet Fox somewhere out near Uranus.
Was it that funny, well the first time round you were on the edge of your seat waiting for Stewart to land that killer punch which makes O Reilly see the light and repent, to borrow some biblical metaphors. Once that didnt happen, i went online to watch it again. The second time is so much better. O Reilly is looks like he is sitting on dog vomit. He is hilarious.
Stewart made some tough questioning and landed some hot punches. O Reilly could do with more of that.
Me I just like to see stupid wingnuts taken out for a walk in the real world, poked with a stick and returned to their cage for some more frothing rabidly. If you missed it all, download it from Crooks and liars.
What about you? How was it for you?
I was particularly amused by the comment (1 of over 200) at the post on C&L as follows;
" Page 14 of Bill O'Reilly for Kids:

"Tahini sauce goes well on falafels"

Thats a book I gotta read.
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