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Nazis? In the North? Never


Well, at this stage we have all either read or heard father Alec Reid getting a ribbing last night and blowing a gasket. Following this up with his comments on how nationalists in the north had been treated like animals and like jews under the nazis.
A nuanced response is required to this sort of a situation, I feel, when one invokes the Holocaust one doesnt do so lightly. Such a nuanced response we will not get on an island where one is either a West-Brit or some Semtex-Smoking-Guinness-Drinking-Shinner. So for some semblence of balance and a response to the actions of last night which chimes very close to my own, read the UI post.
He is dead on on all of it and saved me doing typing, posting and opining. Thanks UI!!
Years of heckling, abuse, anti catholic activity and anti-catholic feeling existed. The suffering community were scared witless by all the violence that followed. Another interesting response came from Bigulsterman. The need to recognise and acknowledge horrible hatred in the North is indeed essential, such is the reason calls for a Truth and Reconciliation style commission have some traction.
This manifestation of the same ol hulabaloo will soon die away, the feeling of unrecognised aggrievement is not going to go with it until it is dealt with.
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  1. Anonymous Online Wong PoK√©r Hu | 7:32 a.m. |  

    The remnants of the Nazis are old timers and will not threat the nation. Gone are the days when they were the dominating force in the whole of Europe. What we see today are a bunch of repenting soldiers who were totally brainwashed by a diabolical leader.

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