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Counting the Cost of Kyoto


This could surely be a serious post on the need to treat the Kyoto protocol and global warming with due seriousness, something I agree wholeheartedly with, but i couldnt resist an easy jibe instead.
Consider the following headline from RTE;

Ireland's Kyoto bill could top €100m
(15:22) Consultants have estimated that Ireland is facing a bill of more than €100 million for failing to abide by its Kyoto limits.

Ill bet they have...and thats before you add on costs and fees incurred in the value for money stuff and other essential Consultant tasks carried out to tell us that government is looking at costing us more shaggin' money. When will we be rid of technocrats telling us how to run our lives? When we get a competent government i reckon.
Still, its not all bad, Cowen reckons hell only cost us E55 Million and save the rest from new government policy.
When it comes to knowing how much government looks likely to waste, i reckon the consultants are better qualified to tell us.
Easy jibe over, but if im thinking it, so must some voters. Tick Tock.

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