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Perhaps I overhyped the emergence of that titan of truth and balance, or whatever the Fox catchphrase happens to be today, onto the plane of blogging. The shifty bastards apparantly moved the goalposts (they have goals in USA right?) on our blogging comrades across the water to turn the show to their own ends. Im sure Bill was absolutely prepared to hold an informed, fair and balanced discussion on blogs on the Factor last night, he just got sidetracked by the mention of Mediamatters. That upstart with the nerve to post on the fact that O'Reilly is a nonsense and so is his pseudo-show.
As a mate of mine once said, that lad is a sack of kack.
Someone needs to shoe Fox up the arse alongside their British compatriots in the press.
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  1. Blogger EWI | 8:50 p.m. |  

    Yeah, he's some piece of work all right.

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