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Its ONLY E100,000,000 Thats not too bad


See RTE report on last nights dail debate for Minister Noel Dempsy's response to the overspend. In the broad scheme of things the overrun on a E48 Million budget is not that bad, according to the minister for energy.
Well, it is, actually. Such shite of putting it in "context" is typical of this unimaginative lump of fools weve entrusted to looks after our state, society and money. Even in context, the budget went over by 200%. This is not a blip on the radar, our roads, our hospitals, our electronic votes, the Aquatic center, IT overspends, all cost as Brendan Howlin put it "multiples of the original figure".
RTE has a report from last nights events here (incl Howlins comments above).
The attitude of mock hurt from Dempsey at the predictable and childish indulgence of opposition heads in being angry at overspending is sickening. This is truly a Fianna Fail baby, while a PD may be the current minister, she has an exit door in the form of that report of hers, FF however have two prior minister who will be on the end of some violent spin from partners in coalition and opposition alike. The floodgates look to be opening up and the opposition for once may make some headway in setting up a positive agenda for tackling inadequete government.
Labour must be delighted, on any tax question till 2007 the response is, "if we stop wasting what this government wastes in tax payers money, there is no need to raise taxes", and it will stick.
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