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Fox -v- Bloggers


From the U.S via thinkprogress.org it looks like Bill O Reilly and his notedly evenhanded show on fox will be looking at blogs, which, humerously enough, he doesnt read. (other reaction here and here).

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  1. Blogger PLaYer | 12:58 p.m. |  

    I really hate that guy and his stupid show on fox!

    keep up the good work, I enjoyed reading your views the past few months!
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  2. Blogger Troy Worman | 2:15 p.m. |  

    Bill O'Reilly would call his mother a simpleton and a coward if he thought it would improve his ratings.

  3. Blogger Cian | 6:01 p.m. |  

    Thanks to you both for coming along, on o reilly i have no time for the guy. Where i come from bullying guests and threatening to beat people up for being leftists or women is prehistoric.
    Turing his attention to bloggers is the logical attempt to undermine coherent leftwing organisation independent of a quiescent democratic party.

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