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Return of The Dail


Tomorrow sees the return to plenary session of Dail Eireann, only 13 WEEKS AGO, I posted on the quality of the holidays they receive. Perhaps it was a cruel and easy jibe on a sunny summer afternoon. I still believe that the holidays are excessive, better arrangements can be made for governing the country and ensuring regular parliamentary oversight and access. A 13 week holiday serves little benefit in the broader political process.
Anyhow, they're back and there is little of the hulabaloo that greeted they're departure. For the affecionados, Matt Cooper will be doing the Last Word live from the Dail tomorrow, interviews etc.
For those looking to the session ahead, a good piece in the Sunday Business Post recently on what the opposition look set to take government ot task over.
Personally, im concerned about the Rossport 5 issue which has gone on far too long, while 5 men sit needlessly in jail. The right to protest, especially when justified, should be protected.
Also ASBOs, SSIAs, the Health Service and the Environment look set to take centre stage. Surely the usual faces will do some grandstanding and by next month all will be well in the world again.
So tonight have one last pint for the Silly Season. Drink up for tomorrow we march.

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