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More Polls, More Fog


The current plethora of poll releases leaves many in the political game feeling like the election is about to be sprung from a hat and around the corner. First of all its not.
So the release of a poll in today's indo heralding good news for FG and Labour Coallition, while not being so good news-wise for the labour support (12% from a 13% average following). The FF-PD coallition are well back into the dogfight now as both coalitions are neck and neck.
I think the old cliche that a poll is merely a picture in time should be recalled before much exicted exploration is done of the poll findings, its a long way to 2007 and by then Eddie Hobbs and the rip-off may well be a dim and distant memory.
I am happy to see those in power getting slammed back into reality, though i doubt serious solutions will be found, merely postmodern attempts to clean up the appearance of rip off without acknowledging root causes.
Talk of only 2% between the sides places the greens willingly in a rainbow setup, as yet it might be too early to take such privelages with the greens as they seem to be a deliberately awkward side to tack down, minus Greens the Fine Gael and Labour coalition will have a bit more work to do losing another 6% to make the gap 8%.
The green sensitivites and indeed the role they may play in the next election looks set to be something very interesting indeed. Should they attach early to one side or other they will be denigrated as imbeciles and leftists etc, yet should they keep their powder dry, they may well hold some aces on election night.
We shall see in TWO years, not tomorrow nor perhaps before SSIA time. I think we should treat this as fodder for a slow news day and keep working to support progressive policies and parties in Ireland.

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  1. Blogger Simon | 9:16 p.m. |  

    so who would you consider progressinve parties.

  2. Blogger Cian | 10:25 p.m. |  

    Good question, i think that is less a matter of the current ideology of parties and more about the substance of policy. SF talk alot about social inequality etc, Greens about environment and exploitation, Labour waffle meanderingly through old 70s lefty ground with the exception of the truly talented few who make up the top party officials.
    ALl have claims to a progressive mantle perhaps i am too exacting in saying that none are completely progressive.
    I think since none have been in government recently its a bit like pin the tail on the donkey, looking at personalities within parties and perhaps certain policies, then Greens and Labour.
    One can and i feel should be cynical about Sinn Fein lefty claims until we see them in power operating the socialist entity they wish to create.
    What do you reckon? is there a simple clear cut answer to that question? I wish there was, Labour is a schizophrenic entity and Greens to small. SF hold prospects but as i repeat ad nauseum only time will tell.

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