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Left Crowing over German Result


Footage of the studio-debate showdown between Merkel and Schroeder in Germany, looks unlikely to be the only occurance of contested outcomes of the German Election. Browsing through the blogsphere brought me to two of many who see this election in Germany, coupled oddly with an encouraging result from New Zealand, as a positive result for lefties.
Over at dead men left, one can almost taste that satisfaction of the linkspartei result. The points are often simply reflecting the pressure that the vote from the extreme placed on the two center parties. The idea being the the existence of the left party stole the support from CDU in the East of Germany and forced a backtrack from SDU over reform noises which led to a general leftward trend and in places extreme leftward trend.
Other voices over at the European Tribune are equally relieved that the solid showing of the left in Germany led to over 51% of votes being held by the Left. Statistically it seems much of this is pointed comment on an election which has thrown some market certainties into disarray. The German voters only seem moderately interested in market reforms if this line of thought is to be extended by myself.
They voted in roughly half-half for a mixture of jobs and increased security of employment, many will point to some abstract 'modern reality' as reason for the impossibility of fulfilling their desires. Such a reality may or may not exist, ontologically speaking, though I fear those who suggest that the two are incompatible are worried to think outside the cosy little box.
Still the german result presents all of us with some interesting games in the EU over the next while. Those on the left are still adjusting to the sunlight after years of being locked away on the internet.
I personally doubt this is some grand reemergence of 'old' left wing thinking. Many agree that for a new left in the 21st century we must shake off some of the stifling dogma of the 20th. But a vote is not on some abstract ideal system, merely an abstract ideal goal, and a majority of left parties of various hues, shows German commitment the their social market is as vibrant as ever.

Also the very excellent Wikipedia entry is already up and running on the whole election including background and reaction. Wowsers.
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