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Pass the Buck, its Easier


Gavin (at Irish corruption/Gavin's blog) has it spot on, while its clear the opportunity the debacle over P-PARS affords opposition, the fact is government cannot pass the buck.
It doesnt even require catching Harney out with comments, its part of the job. Ministers preside over all sorts of bodies, executives and whatnot in a department. Its their responsibility to ensure that issues of importance are KNOWN and DEALT with, failure to do one or both whiffs of incompetence.
A government that whiffs of incompetence is as contemptible as one that whiffs of sleaze. 1997 is a long time ago, three minister have run through the department and all they shall do is pass the buck. Surely there must be a way of blaming this problem on the one stint of rainbow government in recent years, eh lads?
If it goes that way, momentum will pull in behind the opposition and any whiff of opportunistic news-making turns to serious agenda setting. The government looks like taking hits left right and center on its spending, it can do nothing about it and it deserves all it gets for such massive waste. If we live in a low-tax economy, it seems we live in an even lower value one.

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