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What is Anti-Americanism?


For those who see my blogroll as the awesomly static monument to laziness that it truly is, you may not have noticed the update link added recently for Bolivia Blog. The most recent post on the site is one dedicated to the regular american issue of anti-americanism. The response is most heart rendering, in true american style unafraid to mix passion so stirringly with a view of american values.
The post is here and well worth reading. The comments are equally interesting.
My response to his comments are that it is a sign of the times that americans see the need to first segregate the home nation into pro-and anti- americans, following from segregation of attitudes comes the purging of exposure to such communities. The most fundamental tenet of american society is as indoctrinated in the constitution the right to free speech and the corrolary commitment to discourse. Sure one mans war is anothers occupation.
True americanism for me, is a commitment to genuine and rigourous commitment to truth and justice, speaking truth to power, and acting on the moral responsibilities inherent in any truthful criticism. Where these aspects of the society fall down, there is an onus on democrats to stand up and say so. Nowhere is democracy so trenchently upheld as the ideal, nowhere is there more reason to intervene with power and make it work to its founding goals.
Perhaps Im wrong, thats ok, im irish and a meaningless blogger. For americans, this issue is a tinderbox of potential social division and isolation from the world at large.
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