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Turning the blogrol from lazy to highly efficient progressive machine, i added two in one courtesy of Freestater who has one of the largest knowledges of the blogosphere. take a very close and excellent look at some sites ill be plaigerising in future. Yellow elephant project, Jesus' General
Reminds me of a joke;
Q: Why do elephants paint their feet yellow?

A: To hide upside down in custard.

Q: Have you ever seen and elephant hide upside down in custard?

A: No

Well Then it must be working.


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  1. Blogger EWI | 11:34 p.m. |  

    LOL. Thabk you, but I'm afraid that title must go to "P. O'Neill", who seems to be everywhere in the US blogosphere...

  2. Blogger Cian | 8:38 a.m. |  

    your too modest.

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