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From the Creche...


Er Dail actually but at times one would be forgiven for thinking otherwise. Browsing through the ol leaders questions tends to provide some nuggets. There is a wonderfully peurile nature to the transcripts which go up on the website of the oireachtas. In fact im minded of a comment posted over at Irisheagle on the beauty of Irish debating. In the vein of who shouts louder is this interjection from Berties Rottweiler Groucho Dea.

Mr. Ring: Information Zoom The Government is weary and dreary.

Mr. O’Dea: Information Zoom The Opposition would be dreary and scary in Government.

I dont know about you but I think that is the worst comeback I have ever heard in my life. Willy if we arent paying you to be inefficient, or open pubs in west limerick, then we at least expect a sharper retort. Just one, go one try harder. Squeeze.

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