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More from Cork Corruption Allegations


The indo has this story on the dramatic revelations last night by Marie Farrell. The Garda response in the article is predictable itself;
" Gardai last night angrily reacted to the allegations, claiming Ms Farrell had perjured herself and the u-turn was 'a joke.'"
That may or may not be the case, however if the recent events around the country have done anything at all, it is reenforce the notion that our police force are out for themselves. That makes their judement very hard to swallow on balance and with improper procedures available to ensure truth and clarity for those who take a case against the force, the problem will not be going away soon.
On a more detailed note;
" Mr Bailey's solicitor, Frank Buttimer, said that certain information and sworn statements which he had obtained from Marie Farrell last month during a detailed interview had caused him great alarm."
They should also alarm Michael McDowell, the team now have evidence to go after an enquiry or a retrial to attempt to get to the truth of the matter. Just wait until the leaks begin to come out attempting to muddy Farrell's character, thats is a point where we can begin to consider some truth to her claims.
Latest reports from RTE suggest that Bailey's legal team is doing just that. The grounds to have the whole case reexamined and Garda conduct thrown under the spotlight is not just of importance to those who desire a competent and honest police force but more so for the Family of du Plantier who have suffered enormous trauma through the meandering and seemingly failed investigation.
Their pain should be the priority for all actors in this case. Theirs is the greatest of needs to clear all this up. The state and its forces have let them down badly in their search for justice for Sophie, now perhaps movement must be made in the case.
RTE also have clip from this mornings morning Ireland explaining in more detail.
Update: P O Neill has some good stuff on the case too over at BOBW

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