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Cork Gardai in Corruption Allegations


Scooped by TV3 tonight, though they dont actively feed their news online, is the allegations out of West Cork that Marie Farrell's statement on the death of Sophie Toscan du Plantier was a fabrication. The only report available is Paul Byrnes one on TV, more is bound to be in the press tomorrow. Farell claimed to TV3 that here statement was a fabrication which she was force fed by Gardai. She has contacted the legal team of Ian Bailey, who last year took a libel trial against six media organs in this state over reportage of the allegations of his guilt.
The whole case seems to have been blown off the hinges by Farrell's new allegations regarding the willingness of our Gardai to fabricate evidence. Farrells claims to be in fear of her life of those whom she is outing (according to here).
According to the examiner, Farrell's evidence was crucial in that she claimed "that she saw Bailey a short distance from Ms Toscan du Plantier’s home, shortly she is believed to have been killed". If her new allegations against the Gardai prove true, many questions will be raised.
This case, currently and superficially at least, bears a marked resemblence to the Donegal affair, while nothing is proven yet in Cork there are serious questions being raised, again, as to the integrity of our national police force.
Should these allegations be proved correct, they will do an awful lot of damage to Michael McDowell over his bad apples claims regarding the force in Donegal. His arguments for the proposed oversight mechanism of ombudmans committee is predicated on the notion that there are but a few bad apples who misbehave in the force.
The nature and scope of the implications of Farrell's allegations and those I happened across over at Indymedia.ie (the only site with something on the story and I hasten to add the customary health warning of possible bias in the content out of duty) pose grave threat to the trust and competence of our force.
McDowell is trying to implement increasing number of behaviour changing laws (drinking, ASBOs etc) and he will be fully reliant on this forces integrity to ensure the law is carried out in spirit. If these stories dont stop seeping from the woodwork, government will have many serious probelms on its mind, not just computers.
Alongside the wider political fallout is the consideration of the damage inflicted on the local life of journalist Ian Bailey. His legal team are bound to demand an inquiry and the state may be liable for damages in some respect. Considering the track record laid down in the wake of McBriarty and Shortt cases, it could run and run.
For those unfamiliar with the background to this appalling tale of unsolved murder, some articles below may help being you up to date.
Wiki Entry (French)
Ian Bailey Libel Trial
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