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Mulley is dead right, Fiona De Londras' clarity and strength of argument over the past few days, and long before that, has been awesome. Progressive Ireland stands full square behind calls for a complete reorganisation and restructuring of the cultural biases toward LGBTQ families, relationships and other aspects of their lives unnecessarily blighted by lack of genuine social recognition by an authority which forms opinion for the vast majority of citizens.

The state as it exists currently, shapes the cultural mores of the majority of citizens to a vast degree, at least it is seen as validating a certain sentiment above all others. Libertarian arguments about removing such a privelage are for another forum. Those who are at the end of bias in the state's opinion forming power dont have the time to sit back and wait for libertarian utopia to sweep across the nation.

The merits of that utopia would bog down what is an immediate issue facing the state and broader irish people. Gay people exist. That they exist should guarantee a fundamental basic structure of rights along the lines that I inherit as an existing heterosexual.

Many readers will take task with such issues on grounds of social stability. My advice is to take the time out of your schedule to follow the genealogy of the argument and make your decision after that.

And as RW helpfully points out there is an excellent piece on the topic over at For all we know.

The point that is easily the most salient to my mind is that the state exists to extend equal opportunities for the enjoyment of freedom to all. "If we can separate the idea of marriage for one moment from the idea of procreation, what justification is there for conferring partnership rights while denying the protections of marriage? Only that the union of man and woman is superior to that of man and man or woman and woman. In my eyes, that is discrimination and arguments for it can only be found in religion and bigotry. "

Fiona doesnt pose any threat that I can see to the running of any society. Nor do any others of the LBGTQ community I have met. Their rights are not their own until the 21st century is reflected in a 1937 document.

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