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An interesting Take on Citizen Journalism


From blairwatch.co.uk comes the interesting idea that is www.newsbump.co.uk.

Taking citizen journalism to the level of quasi-democratic-editor.

[from the blurb]
What is NewsBump?
NewsBump is a British news service with a twist. A typical news service has a faceless editor deciding what's interesting and important for readers. NewBump allows readers to decide for themselves. Users of this site add links to news stories they think are important. They also decide the order in which the stories appear, by "bumping up" their preferred content. The most popular stories then appear at the top of the page.

How do I bump up a story?
If you've read a story on NewsBump that you think is interesting or important, you can vote for it to be "bumped up" towards the top of the page by clicking on the "bump up!" link next to it. You can only vote for each story once.

How do I add a story?
Simply hit on the "Submit a story" button. You will be asked to add a title for your story, a link to it, and a short description of it. You will also have to select a category for it to appear under. Please take care to check that the same story hasn't already been posted. Once submitted, your story will appear on the site, where users can choose whether or not to bump it up.

The rest of it is a tad irrelevant to peeps on this side of the water, its just one of those things bloggers get excited about. I know that I liked the idea alot.

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