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We Love our Drink in Kerry


Ive been home to the Kingdom, land of all that is great in this country, for Christmas and thought I would share this wonderful tidbit with you. There is room for a national precedent here so all of those in Dublin, Galway, Limerick and Cork better watch out.

News from the Tralee UDC outlines the plans by town Councillors to investigate the possibility of limiting pub opening hours in a bid to tackle anti-social behaviour in the town.

The publican response has been unsurprisingly hostile.

“Anti-social behaviour is a problem but it is not all in the bars. People are drinking more at home; times are changing,” he said “People still want to drink late and just because there are a few around causing trouble all people should not be branded the same.”

Of course Im minded of the joke about Irish drunken fighting, we are all fine when inside a pub, the fighting only starts outside when we realise we arent getting any more.

By the by, the council is empowered by some 2003 act, I cant remember which, but will update when I have it, to apply to a judge to have opening hours shortened if they feel it necessary. Tralee UDC is the first council to consider it, and nowhere has actually done it.

As I said all of you boozehounds in the citeh better watch out, cos the culchies are coming to get your drinking time. Its fine for us since our pubs dont close anyway just turn off the lights.

My own feeling is that people will simply alter their time of going out to suit the opening hours. There is no problem for people to admit they are heading out to get hammered and these will simply start earlier to accomodate. It just means they get home earlier. While violence and other incidents are increasing around the place, from first hand knowledge, Im unsure about the efficacy of offering up earlier closing as the sole solution. A more robust approach is undoubtedly necessary but very difficult to draw up and still again impose.

So for the meantime be happy that you can drink until 2:30 cos it might not last long.

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  1. Blogger Simon | 9:04 p.m. |  

    I lived in Barcalona for a while places staid open all night but little violence. But they all left at the same time. to get the first metro at 5. The metro would be more cramed then any chipper in Ireland yet very little violence.

    It is not the opening hours it us the Irish People.

  2. Blogger Cian | 12:22 a.m. |  

    I absolutely agree, its something in our temprement which makes us very nasty with drink on board.
    No amount of hours tampering will change that.

  3. Blogger plurabella | 2:52 p.m. |  

    what can I say but agree with your previous commenters, a sad condition we are in with booze

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