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Election 2007 Groupblog


Ok a while back, I aired the notion that Irish bloggers could pool posts on the irish election under one umbrella, like a super-blog of some sorts.

I have a rough idea for ONE way it might function:
The blog is hosted on blogger, giving all bloggers potential access to the site from anywhere.
A blogger writes a post relevant to the election on their personal blog.
They then cross post it to the election blog. If they choose not to then fine, all cross posts are referenced to the main blog.

There is also room for daily columns, written for this blog and done by different contributors each day.

Ive already said that techies will have a far better option, since Im not one I dont.

The basic question now is who is willing to take part?

If all those who blog about irish politics managed to get involved in some way it would be a major help to both readers and other bloggers. It would help sharpen minds and create alot of feedback. There is going to be obvious differences of opinion, hopefully lots.

Anyway, I have a domain on blogspot,with some rought template work, but no posts obviously. If you do want to post, get involved or float and idea, then comment here, email me (remove NOSPAM), or join the Yahoo Group (preferable option).

Soon im going to start hectoring some of you be email so beware, also, those who feel its not a worthwhile project, dont be afraid to say, all criticism will be taken onboard.


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  1. Blogger Simon | 8:24 p.m. |  

    I think a aggetator like irishblogs would be a better idea. Makes the work load easier.

    I wonder is there any money in this i mean. Would the site generate enough hits to generate an income that could be shared amoung bloggers or cover hosting etc.

    Also could it be done that bloggers could be recruited to be stationed at polling stations to blog the counts. Maybe email a few university courses to see if students were willing to cover the counts and big events etc.

    Could get better coverage then RTE or any of the papers.

    They are not going to have someone in every village. a blog site could. But that volume would require a better site design. with articles posted per region or something.

  2. Blogger Cian | 1:52 a.m. |  

    I agree that an aggregator would be nice, i have no idea how to create one or incorporate it into a broader structure which offers content of its own as well as aggregated posts, as such i will have to stick with the model thus far that contributors opt in their own posts.
    I havent thought of making money out of it, at the moment its quite embryonic, though i dont doubt that there is likely to be bigger hits on it than on my own place. What to do with said cash would be an interesting one indeed.
    I like, and i know you floated this idea over at dossing times i cant remember where, the idea of local coverage, that is likely to be hampered by a lack of people with interest and commitment to the idea but nonetheless would be a very promising addition were we to offer it.
    Major tech input would be needed to create such a site, and that raises its own issues for logistics.

  3. Blogger Simon | 3:47 p.m. |  

    I think it would be nice to work it like http://pajamasmedia.com/ which draws from many blogs.

    They go on about open source software so maybe they would be willing to share their code.

  4. Blogger Cian | 2:52 a.m. |  

    That might just work, Ill try to get in touch. Still i will get it underway as a more voluntary job and see how it goes, these things will probably take on a life of their own.

  5. Blogger Paige A Harrison | 10:00 p.m. |  

    I think this is a great idea - and if you could persuade some of the excellent Irish political bloggers to cross post, you could build a really powerful and interesting blog. (Then the economics would work well).

    I don't think you could easily rival the well developed local network of party officials who "manage" count events.

    Anyway, the interesting thing about blogging is the opinion pieces - not the count statistics.

  6. Blogger Cian | 1:52 a.m. |  

    thanks for your enthusiastic support and i am so far very happy with the way the lineup is shaping up, would one paige A Harrisson be interested in coming on board? To be honest, the economics will come when the whole thing is together, though there should be a bit of potential in it.
    I agree, the local party in Ireland is certainly the Local Party with intended captials. Their info is first hand and top class, i reckon though that the commentary could be far more incisive and more open to debate than any MSM outlet/commmentator.
    Your more than welcome to join up, email as above or check out the group.

  7. Blogger EWI | 11:49 p.m. |  

    I don't think you could easily rival the well developed local network of party officials who "manage" count events.

    The problem with this is that many Irish bloggers *are* members of political parties.

  8. Blogger Simon | 7:32 p.m. |  

    The problem with this is that many Irish bloggers *are* members of political parties.

    Really. other then Ie-politics who is.

    True about the opinion. Ya there is a deversity of opinion in the Blogs. look at wulbeorn I don't think any columninst goes anywhere near his views

  9. Blogger Paige A Harrison | 9:55 p.m. |  

    Redrover, thanks for the invite. I'd really love to come on board but I'm realistic enough to know that I don't really know politics well enough and I'm notoriously prone to letting people down with empty promises. I'll think your idea is first class though. I wouldn't be too worried about people having a particular agenda -that's what would make the blog interesting. You'd just need to be careful that it was sufficiently balanced.

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