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Craig Murray's Torture Memos


America blog has a good post on the leaking by Craig Murray of documents outlining Uzbekh torture methods, and British awareness of their use in procuring information from terror suspects.
The original documents are here (Murrays letters to FCO) and here(FCO reply).

The U.K/FCO position was that it was not an offence to HAVE information gathered from tortured suspects for operational reasons but most U.K. courts would not admit it as evidence, a conclusion backed up by the terror judgement in December.


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  1. Blogger P O'Neill | 4:27 p.m. |  

    On a related topic, I was hoping that somewhere on the web would provide the name of the MI6 station chief in Athens, the name that was printed by a Greek weekly that appears not to have a website (Proto Thema), but was then squelched by threats from the UK government to anyone else (within their jurisdiction, I suppose) that printed it. The search is hindered by that damned alphabet they use in greece.

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