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Mcdowell -v- Connelly


Right-o this thing is probably grating on most peoples nads at this stage, when will i let it go etc. Well perhaps now or perhaps never, just keep coming back to see.

This is only a short little heads up on a very well done (and obviously painstaking task) post over at potatoriotique transcripting the Eamon Dunphy breakfast show on the topic. For those who didnt know, newstalk is now podcasting some shows. More details here.

Anyway Potatriotque has got the whole lowdown on a series of interviews with Senator Mary O’Rourke, Niall O’Dowd, Finian McGrath, John Waters, Professor Dermot Walsh, and Senator David Norris and John Downing and a few other bits and bobs. Well done for the work.

Im pretty sure i caught this installment those who didnt would be well advised to make time for it. This issue has now well and truly gone. Some are happy others feel that a lesson is left unlearned. I stand in the latter camp.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 12:35 p.m. |  


    The McDowell v Connolly affair is one of the most important controversies to come up for many years since it raises questions about the of both the political and justice system. It also raise questions about the threats of subversion of our democratic system. Mostly the standard of debate is high. Connolly, assuming he has an alibi, is unwise to remain silent. McDowell's leaking of the contents of a garda file to a crony in the media is an abuse. Some commentator's labelling those who criticises McDowell as provo sympathisers reflects an attitude of creating a smokes-screen and a reluctance to engage in rational debate on the issues involved.


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