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A Bit of Festive Fun


just some links and things for those who are endlessly browsing in the hope of avoiding the christmas chores. There are two pretty cool sites you might like to check out should you not be in the mood for your fourth helping of turkey.

The first, NoradSanta.org is a pretty cool looking site as North American Airspace Defence look after Santa as he flies through the world, someone has to look after him and keep him safe from surface to airs over Afghanisatan. The site has some video planned of Santa leaving the north pole etc, and for all those young or old it seems like a bit of a laugh.

Second is the new development over at planet of the blogs, visualising the blogosphere, here is mine. The interlinks code looks pretty cool and some of the heavily linked blogs are going to be class to look at. Anyhow, just a little diverison at a time when few feel like doing serious thinking.

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