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McDowell -v- Connolly: Update


Just wanted to tie a few posts and news updates together for those who are not keeping abreast of the whole debacle Michael McDowell waded into with his urgent moral clarity.
First off, can't seem to locate the speech etc on the Dail website, a horrible place to browse but il keep looking.

Here we go;
I already linked to fi, but here we go again, learned opinion and all.
Also Gavin's first opinion column style post was on the topic, give it a read. And follow-up.
Next some stuff from myself.
Maman Poulet has some good stuff.
As does Sarah Carey.
Slugger has some interesting comments in its post here.My one comment on those responses is that the center's guilt or innocence has now become conflated with that of Frank Connolly. McDowell was acting on the individual, he says, yet the center is justifying some arguments. I think the waters are getting muddier.

Reports from breakingnews.ie:
Mcdowell duty bound to expose...
McDowell denies breaching connolly's rights
Heated Debate in Dail over Affair
Ahern Defends Mcdowell

RTE have a report on the Dail events today.

Its not all one-way opinion:
The FI reckon Mick was right(pardon the pun).

Lastly a member of the residents group out in Meath where McDowell was buying land for the jail was on the Last Word today. She suggested that Connolly was looking into the affair for the CPI and had discussed this with her. If its true, McDowell has made a huge P.R. blunder no matter of his intentions.

A more coherent post after Prime Time.


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