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Priciples, What Are Yours


I realise ive spent the last week posting mostly about the CIA in Shannon, and to be honest, il probably resort to it again sooner or later. Yet on a weekend when the papers seem intent on making us read and consume shit in print, I got thinking.

I was re-reading the last post and a comment by Gil-Robles struck me;

"These fundamental values and principles are what separates us from terrorists and dictators. I am not ready to renounce them."

Neither am I, sir, er...I think. It occured to me that we all approach things from hundreds of paths. There is some posts out there at the moment about the blogosphere in general, i think here and here.

They made me think about the basic fundamental premises from which we begin our engage in our discourse. Sometimes I wonder, often forget, my starting point. Im not sure as we speak. Yet many I read, are pretty sure or seem it. So I was wondering. What is the fundamental premise on which you model/base your politics?

What is your starting point (and perhaps why)?
i.e. your raison detre for engagement, blogging or otherwise. You know what I mean and if you dont il clarify in comments.

I promise I'l return to irishpolitics soon. Or later, i havent decided.

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