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Unembedded, Continued.


I came across the serialisation of this photos over at Daily Kos last week and promised to post a few more as they come out. Well, it seems that DKos is busy so im just going to post some more anyway. The photos are vailable through Chelsea Green Phblishing here.

So on we go, a selection of images on display from Unembedded continues;

Photo by Kael Alford

NAJAF, AUGUST 21, 2004
A father shows his hand to snipers as he carries his terrified child across the front line between U.S. forces and the Mahdi Army at the wrecked outskirts of the old city.

Photo by Rita Leistner.

Patients had few activities to occupy them. One was watching television, which included the Coalition Provisional Authority’s daily live broadcasts and updates to the press. On this day, General Richard Myers, the Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, was fielding questions on how he proposed to address the rising insurgency, especially Muqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army. Myers underplayed the threat of the insurgents. A few months later the hospital grounds would shake from nearby bombs, and mortars would land in its courtyard as coalition forces fought the Mahdi Army right outside the hospital gates.

Photo by Rita Leistner.

Members of Muqtada al-Sadr’s Mahdi Army rally in Sadr City.

Photo by Thorne Anderson.


A doctor in the Falluja Hospital raises an X ray to point out head injuries to nine-year-old Hussein, whose home in the village of Sheker was attacked with American air strikes. His twelve-year-old brother was also seriously injured in the attack and three other members of his family were killed. A U.S. Army spokesperson did not acknowledge any mistakes and said that one “enemy fighter” was killed in the air strike.

Photo by Thorne Anderson.

BAGHDAD, JULY 18, 2004
Young men and women venture out for the evening in Zowra Park. Socializing after dark in Baghdad ceases during periods of heavy fighting or suicide bombings, but rebounds as soon as there is a perceived lull. Still, mixed-gendered public outings are increasingly discouraged by religious conservatives’ censure.

Photo by Ghaith Abdul-Ahad

A man receives treatment at Kindi Hospital after suffering injuries when two apparent car bombs exploded just minutes apart outside Christian churches. Car bombs exploded outside at least six churches in Iraq on Sunday in an attack apparently coordinated to coincide with evening prayers.

There are a number of images I didnt post over at Chelsea Green, Its a thought provoking look at a war that effects everybody in the region, perhaps beyond. Its not going to answer the rights or wrongs of war, no book will ever truly influence what is basically a belief in the effectiveness of war or otherwise.

What it does is forge an empathy denied of so many through impersonal coverage, there is a discussion under way at photo.net with some interesting views of the work.

I wonder what many of you make of it? Is it simply a piece of opportunistic publishing pandering to an anti-war group or a necessary look at the human cost of insurgent and Coalition activity in a costly war? Or none of the above?

*UPDATE: Movie clips done in the process of working on the book available from here.

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