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When is Democracy Not a Democracy?


When political appointees decide that certain voters cannot cast their vote because of skin colour. Surely this is a history post, on the emergence of the slave-trade or something about racism in France? No and No.

News from across the water suggests that as Bush and his possie become more inept and less popular, the only way to win elections is disenfranchising Black voters in the south. Tom Dachsle raised the issues of a new law being proposed in Georgia. It proposes tighter requirements on possession of photo-ID to vote. Surely a harmless move like that couldnt cause trouble, or be intended to disenfranchise black voter? Again wrong on both counts.

Following up the story over at Thinkprogress, the rationale behind the law being proposed by Rep. Sue Burmeister (R-Augusta) was revealed;

The chief sponsor of Georgia’s voter identification law told the Justice Department that if black people in her district “are not paid to vote, they don’t go to the polls,” and that if fewer blacks vote as a result of the new law, it is only because it would end such voting fraud.

The newly released Justice Department memo quoting state Rep. Sue Burmeister (R-Augusta) was prepared by department lawyers as the federal government considered whether to approve the new law.

Where does one start with the right to vote? Its no surprise that the political advisers in the White House have the power to override career staffers who are well versed in their democratic responsibility to their citizens. This administration is absolutely ruthless in its pursuit of, well, ah, I dont know what it is they are at anymore. From AJC;

"It [the staffer report] cites analyses showing that, in fact, the effects of the law — which will require Georgians seeking to vote to present a driver's license or an identification card for which they must pay — could fall disproportionately on blacks. It concludes that the state had failed to show the law would not weaken minority voting strength, and recommends that the attorney general's office formally object to it."

Bearing in mind that GOP heads in congress are getting uppity over next years elections, one is forced to conclude that there exists a willingness still in the administration to alienate voters, rob them of the vote and ensure success unfairly. Undemocratic, unfree and illegal.

The behaviour of the administration is taking a scary turn. Traditionallseparationration of powers prevents this sort of illness settling in. The powers are so blurred at this stage that for all its vast bureaucracy, the U.S. is facing a serious governance dilemma.


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