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Do you feel Racist?


Vincent Browne, both personally and through Village, has gone off on one big time about the state of Irish Society. Im sure your all familiar with the case, arguments and players.

Just a few questions;

1.) Do you feel racist against travellers and their community?

2.) Do you feel our society is?

3.) Is Enda Kenney's response racist pandering or measured argument (prompted by Brownes Village Magazine not online yet)?

4.)Is thinking Padraig Nally should be free tantamount to racism against travellers? As it may be painted and seemed to be in so many words by Eamonn McCann on Questions and Answers last Monday.

Food for thought on a monday.

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  1. Blogger Simon | 9:41 p.m. |  

    is it rasict to think that about the case differently then if he was stettled. ie to think the case is rasist is in itself racist. AS if you think it is rascist you see a difference between travellers and settled people.

    put that in yeer pipe and smoke it :)

  2. Blogger Cian | 1:06 a.m. |  

    Thats true, a distinction once made cannot be unmade, yet the damage a distinction may do is incredible. Your point is pointed, tautology central.

  3. Blogger Simon | 11:47 p.m. |  

    Not knowing what that means i'll take it as a complement. I wasn't trying to say your racist. Just kind of wondering is being racist seeing a difference , thinking a difference or acting on a difference

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