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More Unembedded Photojounalism


Continuing from an earlier theme, there is a selection of photographs over at guardian.co.uk in a similar vein to the unembedded series I posted on earlier.
I dont plan on posting most of them here, since its been done and you all can work away yourselves. There are some good shots in there, id encourage all of you to take a look.

There is also an accompanied commentary from the journalist in question Sean Smith located here.

Just a photo or two. Striking and provocative.

Leading the blindNovember 23: Suspected insurgents captured by US marines on Iraq's border with Syria.

EarshotNovember 23: Troops put their fingers in their ears to cut out the noise from tank fire and helicopter rockets during the fight for the town of Ubaydi.

More by clicking on the photos.

Some of his report, uncensored, is horrendous on all sides. Take this;

"Five other marines were killed when they went to a farmhouse outside Ubaydi. They were chasing two men, went into the house, and it blew up."

"All men of military age were detained. they had material sprayed on their hands to reveal whether they had handled explosives or gunpowder. Families were split up and loudspeakers were barking commands. Some of the detainees came back and some did not."

Certainly brings the war closer than most words, the only overall impression one receives is that it is getting messier and messier. The longer it goes on the louder the cry "vietnam" can be heard. On this evidence one can see why.


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  1. Blogger wulfbeorn | 9:46 p.m. |  

    Vietnam killed 5000 US troops per year - far bloodier than this war, awful as it is.

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