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Hugo Chavez - Humanitarian (?)


From the BBC.

"Officials from Venezuela and Massachusetts have signed a deal to provide cheap heating oil to low-income homes in the US state.

The fuel will be sold at about 40% below market prices to thousands of homes over the winter months."

I have posted before on Chavez' intent on being a fully signed on member of the awkward squad. His raison detre seems to be making life difficult for Bush, alongside governing a country. Many have raised concerns over the activities of Chavez since he came to government, with an equally vociferous counter-argument running too.

"Local congressman William Delahunt described the deal as 'an expression of humanitarianism at its very best'".

I wonder if congressman Delahunt is a Republican, although something tells me probably not. The deal will see 45Million litres of heating oil shipped to the poor in Mass via a U.S. subsidiary of the Venezuelan national oil company.

Talks are under way to extend the deal to poor residents of New Yorks Bronx. There is another report on this from VenezuelaAnalysis.com with more detail.

It really boils down to this;
Is Chavez
a) A humanitarian intervening in an unequal U.S. society out of humanitarian interest
b) A meddling busy body intent on scuppering Bush and his republican administration
c) Looking for some good headlines?

Answers in the comment box to the usual address.

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  1. Blogger chico-towner | 6:15 p.m. |  

    All of the above (A,B, and C). Chavez studied the Art of War, he's winning over the hearts and minds of the people who already hate Bush. It helps the poor AND gives him a positive image in the press. It's a win-win situation for Chavez and the Poor folks who don't want to freeze to death this winter. Honestly, America should not even NEED charity from 3rd World Countries. This is just embarassing!

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