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Dipping ones Toe


Just a quick return to point out one or two things to all of you.
Found this post over at mulleys blog and i think all of you with some interest should get involved.
Its an attempt to organise a site similar to the "fax your mp" one in england.

"I will create a version of the UK's excellent http://www.writetothem.com for Ireland but only if 15 other people with some programming skills and/or a presuasive telephone manner will help me get it done."

— John Handelaar

If you want to help or think you can, then do. The more the web becomes relevant to irish politics and engagement, the better.
If your interested or curious just visit this site and see whats what.


P.s. regarding full-time blogging, still not gonna be doing that. I am considering some options for the site and improving the place. Il hopefuly see you before christmas.

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