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The New Blog


Welcome one and all to the new homepage etc, redesign of the blog.
Firstly big thanks to Kevin for the heads up in the first place.
Let me know what you all think. If you come across problems commenting, browsing or anything just shout down the email.

I am aware internet explorer doesnt display the site great but right now i have to dash.
Feedback is welcome, if only to ensure comments are working.
Thanks all

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  1. Anonymous SinĂ©ad | 7:13 p.m. |  

    Welcome back. New blog looks very nice - clean, navigable and like the green too.
    I thought you'd disappeared forever so I'll put you back on my blogroll.

  2. Blogger EWI | 10:15 p.m. |  

    Nice... and I see that the two Disillusioned Lefties have re-modelled the place as well. So you're still Red Rover, of 'Where's Me Country' at progressiveireland.blogspot.com? Any thought of simplifying things a bit, a la United Irelander? ;-)

    (All of which leaves me thinking that I ought to get cracking on sprucing up my own blog a little)

  3. Blogger Cian | 11:20 p.m. |  

    Thanks for callin by peeps.
    Sinead, i only intended to stay away as long as cold turkey allowed. I hoped to get my head together as blogging was overtaking the message. It became the end not the means. Still i think i have rediscovered the end.
    heres hoping. Thanks for reinstating the link

    EWI you have hit on a far deeper identity issue here. I am thinkin of streamlining. Its going to to be the next major project. Post is pending.


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