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Since Youve Been Gone


As I suspected might happen, the shiny shimmery light in the corner became too much to bear and after two weeks of absence, leading to a clear head and light step, i return to the ball and chain. Its amazing, I think UI mentioned it a few times recently, but the blog always calls. When I think, i think in post format. It is sad.

Im sure if i lasted a few more days the cycle would be broken. So i return. I dont plan on posting regularly. I dont plan on becoming obsessive with that nifty little counter in the corner. Yet ive always been shite at plans. So enough about me, how have you all been?

Before I go any further, thanks to those who posted here.

So a return to the grind. Yet ive had far too much to drink, so i reckon itl be tomorrow before am coherent and rambling (get your head around that!).

See you then.

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  1. Blogger United Irelander | 11:20 p.m. |  

    Good to see you back again. Blogging is like a drug!

  2. Blogger Cian | 12:40 a.m. |  

    Oh it certainly is. Spent the last day on a new template after swearing the blog wont take over again.
    Love/hate doesnt even begin to describe it.

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