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McDowell and Frank Connelly - More


This is an extract from a very good post over at Mental Meanderings. I recommend you read it in full but here is the learned opinion of our learned colleague;

"The main problem with McDowell's action, however, is that through releasing this information to the media he has both subverted the criminal justice system (which he is fixed with running) and compromised any future action against Connolly.

McDowell has referred a number of times to him not having a responsibility to show whether or not the information available to him would satisfy the criminal burden of proof (i.e. beyond a reasonable doubt) indicating that, in likelihood, there isn't sufficient information to take a criminal action against Connolly as it is and he would rather smear him in the media than go through judicial channels and have the case thrown out.

Should information come to light, however, that would allow a prosecution there will be obvious difficulties empanelling a jury that is unaware of Connolly or able to make an objective decision. I'm sure the Minister is ready for just such an eventuality however&.isn't that what the Special Criminal Court, the emergency temporary court in existence on a continuous basis since 1976, is for??"

Again, Im reckoning that Justice considerations took a back seat to the expedient need to "out" Connolly as under suspicion and ipso facto guilty. If your around listen in to the News at One which is bound to be following up on yesterdays admission.

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