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Eelction 2007 Superblog


Regarding the superblog.
Right, ive decided that one comment in support, thanks suze, is enough to take some initiative.
Ive set up a yahoogroups slot for the idea with a central mailing list. I dont know all of your emails etc so i encourage you to simply go to the site and click "join this group".

Noone will get turned away, this isnt some biased site etc. I would like to know how many would be interested in taking part and what sort of format all would like to adopt.
Currently im toying with a simple set up:

Blogger.com based site where all are members. Election posts are cross posted on both bloggers own blog and superblog. It is obviously possible for people to post solely to the superblog should they wish.

Comment are mailed to the yahoo group mail so we are all notified of comments when we get them. If this option isnt suitable we can scrap it.

All of you who join the yahoogroup will get an email to join the election blog. Im sure techys have a far superior and more efficient way of doing it. If any techies are reading this then by all means promote something better.

For now im off to let this grow.

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  1. Blogger Simon | 8:37 p.m. |  

    I think a aggetator would be the best thing. rather then a seperate blog. some people might forget to post stuff. maybe with some tagging system so as to browse all articles on a particullar subject. Maybe would be good if it could scan thruogh all stuff past and present for instance In 2007 people could find out what people said about mcdowell now

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